Nearly 50 lava-related lawsuits filed

HILO, Hawaii, May 6, 2019 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) –Lawyers continue to file cases against Lloyd’s of London and its associated agents, brokers and adjusters on behalf of lower Puna residents whose homes were lost during last year’s eruption of Kilauea volcano and whose lava-related insurance claims have been denied.

Lloyd’s of London agrees to pay lava victims, attorney says

HILO — Lloyd’s of London has agreed to pay policyholders whose claims were denied following the Kilauea eruption, according to an attorney suing the company.

Kona attorney Jeff Foster said the payments will be made to those who experienced a total loss and were denied because of controversial “lava exclusion” language. He said that should affect dozens of policyholders, with payments totaling “tens of millions” of dollars.

Leilani insurance lawsuit hits court

A Hilo judge will decide whether certain defendants will be dismissed from a lawsuit filed by an elderly Leilani Estates couple who allege their insurer is acting in bad faith by not approving the claim they made after losing their home during the eruption of Kilauea volcano earlier this year.

Honolulu attorney Lennes Omuro, representing the defendants, argued Oct. 31 before Hilo Circuit Judge Henry Nakamoto that claims of bad faith brought by Philip and Lanell Haysmer against John Mullen and Co., Arm Claims Inc. and Specialty Group LLC won’t withstand legal scrutiny and should be dismissed.

Court finds double DUI suspect guilty, hands down 5-year sentence

KEALAKEKUA — A man accused of driving drunk twice within 24 hours and striking a pedestrian within that time was found guilty by a 3rd Circuit Court judge on Wednesday and sentenced to five years incarceration, despite the defendant’s no contest plea.

Nicholas Martin was first arrested on the evening of Nov. 30, 2017, after striking a parked vehicle on Lako Street in Kailua-Kona. Deputy Prosecutor Mark Disher stated to the court that his blood alcohol content level measured at 0.172, more than double the legal limit.

Lloyd’s of Lawsuits

HILO — An elderly couple who lost their Leilani Estates home due to the ongoing Kilauea eruption is taking their insurer to court for allegedly acting in bad faith.

Philip and Lanell Haysmer, who were insured through Lloyd’s of London, filed their insurance claim May 24 after their house on Luana Street was destroyed, apparently from a fire caused by the eruption.

Supreme Court overturns gag order in case of child who died in foster care

KAILUA-KONA — The Hawaii Supreme Court on Thursday overturned a Family Court’s ruling that prohibited the Kailua-Kona parents of a toddler boy, who died last year while in foster care, from speaking about the case.

Under the Family Court’s August 2017 gag order, 3-year-old Fabian Garett-Garcia’s parents were unable to speak publicly the names of their two surviving children, who were in foster care at the time, or publicly release reports or other information that “have or will” be submitted to the court relating to the case or the parents’ two surviving children.