Town Hall: Maui Insurance Claims


This is a live feed recording of the town hall event held at the Maui Beach Hotel on August 23rd and 24th.

Foster Law Offices hosted a free, self-help town hall in Kahului. The town hall included free legal advice and assistance with homeowner’s claims (including forms, templates, and documents). This is a presentation on homeowners insurance and the claims process with individual Q&A sessions.

Our objective is to promote self-help and to help those who lost their homes save money on attorneys and public adjusters, so insurance money can be used for living and rebuilding.

Maui Homeowner’s Self-help Insurance Claim Documents

If your home/dwelling was destroyed and you have homeowners insurance, there is no reason to wait to make a Policy Limits Demand on all coverages. Under Hawai’i law, the payments must be made by the insurance company within 30 days after the demand is received if coverage is available. If you need a template of a policy limits demand, please download and review the document below. Remember, insurance companies must handle claims in good faith. Misrepresenting coverages, payment delays, and wrongful denials are examples of bad faith.

Download PDF Packet Below

Download PDF Packet