``At Foster Law Offices we prosecute and defend civil lawsuits on behalf of litigants in all local, state and federal courts in the state of Hawai'i.``

Civil litigation can be an arduous and painstaking journey to an uncertain end. However, with a good case, skillful legal counsel, and a little luck, a civil lawsuit can also be a highly rewarding undertaking. In many cases, litigants have little choice other than to turn to litigation to resolve a dispute.

Attorney Jeff Foster and his associates and staff are committed to formulating straightforward and result-oriented solutions to our client’s diverse litigation needs in Hawaii. Our hands-on litigation attorney understands the importance of listening to you and employing your ideas in designing and pursuing your litigation objectives.

We have a strong record of success in representing litigants in a wide variety of complex cases.

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Read an overview of the types of cases we handle:

Insurance Disputes

An insurance dispute usually involves an unreasonable insurance company and an individual who has suffered an injury and/or economic damages as a result of negligence.  In many claims, insurance companies play the waiting game.  The longer an insurance company waits to pay a claim, the more interest the insurance company earns on its money.  Additionally, an insurance company employs sophisticated claims adjusters and attorneys to carry out the waiting game.  Insurance companies also attempt to force clients to spend significant sums of money to run up the cost to the client of pursuing a lawsuit.

At Foster Law Offices, we move quickly to hold the insurance company fully accountable for the actions of its insured. We represent injured victims and their family in insurance claims involving serious personal injuries and wrongful death incurred as a result of:

  • Automobile Accidents
  • Motorcycle Accidents
  • Bicycle/Pedestrian Accidents
  • Insurance Fair Conduct Claims (Uninsured Motorist, Underinsured Motorist, First Party Claims)
  • Title Insurance Claims

Because insurance companies profit with every dollar saved in a settlement, it is important to retain experienced litigation attorneys who are knowledgeable of case values and who have the ability to obtain the best results in the most expeditious manner possible.

Real Estate

Attorney Jeff Foster is knowledgeable about dispute resolution at every level, whether the manner of resolution is mediation, arbitration or traditional litigation. At Foster Law Offices, we represent individuals, institutional investors, lenders and borrowers in a wide variety of legal claims and disputes. From pursuing and defending single party claims to managing and coordinating multi-party, high-exposure real estate litigation matters, we provide results-oriented and cost-efficient representation in real estate litigation, as well as mediation and arbitration services.

In addition, our real estate group prosecutes and defends claims involving residential and commercial property acquisitions, sales, joint ventures, financing including mortgage-related claims, partnership disputes, broker disputes, zoning, leasing, and land use/municipality matters. We are also actively involved in real estate foreclosures, receiverships, distressed properties, liquidation and work-outs.


We offer practical litigation solutions to Hawaii businesses.  From transactions to complex business litigation, our business practice focuses on achieving the results desired by our clients in the most cost-effective manner available. We understand that when clients contact us needing assistance with whatever legal issue has presented itself to them or their business, their only concern is having that issue resolved favorably and efficiently so that there is as little impact on their business as possible.

In today’s complex economy, business litigation often presents a challenge to a company’s ongoing operations and imperils its financial security or it is important to protect a company’s assets or to achieve certain business goals. At Foster Law Offices, our litigation team assists clients in meeting these challenges by bringing creative and results-oriented legal strategies to bear on your most demanding legal disputes.

The first step to effective representation in business litigation is a thorough understanding of the client’s operations and the commercial realities that affect them. After understanding the client’s needs, we then proceed to develop a custom-tailored litigation strategy designed to meet the client’s business and litigation goals.

At Foster Law Offices, we not only focus on the legal aspect of the client’s litigation needs, but also the pertinent business realities that affect the business’s bottom line. From breach of contract to shareholder disputes and third party claims, we work quickly and strategically to craft creative solutions to solve your Hawaii business transaction and litigation needs.

Client-friendly technology and information delivery

Throughout the litigation process, we collaborate with you directly through your chosen communication medium in order to keep you well informed and fully advised every step of the way. We are also friendly and easy to talk to. Our objective is to solve your legal problem and to do it in such a way that you will become a Foster Law Offices client for life.

We welcome your inquiries regarding our civil litigation practice and your litigation needs. To contact us, please feel free to call direct at (808) 348-7800. If you prefer to submit your questions in writing we welcome your email inquiries. All inquiries are strictly confidential.

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