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Understanding the profound impact of sexual assault, abuse and harrassment, Foster Law Offices approaches each case with deep empathy and a commitment to healing and justice.

At Foster Law Offices, we recognize the courage it takes for survivors to step forward to tell their story and hold perpetrators accountable. Our team is dedicated to providing a supportive and understanding environment where victims can feel safe. Sometimes, family and loved ones of survivors do not understand the importance of pursing justice through a civil action. As survivors may experience, the criminal justice system isn’t always effective in delivering results. As many of our clients have shared with us, the primary reason for coming forward is to protect others from being victimized by their perpetrator.

Civil actions are critically important as they not only provide the financial compensation available under Hawai’i law, but they shine light on the actions of the perpetrator so the perpetrator and public are on notice of the extreme dangers presented by the perpetrator.

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Compassionate Legal Representation

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Tailored Legal Strategies

Each survivor’s experience is unique, and so is our approach. Foster Law Offices meticulously gathers and preserves all relevant evidence, ensuring that each case is built on a solid foundation. This includes securing testimonies from witnesses and experts who can attest to the psychological and physical impact of the assault. Our attorneys craft personalized legal strategies that are sensitive to the nuances of each case, ensuring the best possible representation in pursuit of justice.

Advocacy for Justice and Compensation

Even in instances where a criminal court does not pursue criminal charges or falls short in the prosecution of a perpetrator, Foster Law Offices remains steadfast in its pursuit of justice through civil justice. A civil action is not affected by a failed criminal case. We have different investigative tools and evidentiary burdens in the civil justice system. By pursing justice through their own case, survivors have the ability to control the case and achieve some measure of closure and financial relief for the suffering they’ve endured.

At Foster Law Offices, we are committed to transforming the legal experience into one of empowerment and healing for survivors. Our goal in every case is to ensure that every client feels heard, supported, and respected as they navigate the challenging journey towards justice and recovery.

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