Trustworthy, Ethical, Caring, Experienced. Working with Jeff was truly a pleasure.

Working with Jeff was truly a pleasure. You will never find a more professional, hard-working, and thorough lawyer to represent you. I am a first time home buyer but had to walk away from one purchase because of foundation issues that the seller didn’t disclose at the start of the purchase process. Jeff helped me work through issues with a very-difficult-to-work-with seller and his lawyer, and ended up getting them to “settle” by giving me all of the disputed money and paying his attorney’s fees. Jeff is a straight shooter. He’ll tell you right away whether or not you have a good case and guide you through the process in an extremely thoughtful and methodical way. He’s a very good communicator and kept me in the loop throughout the entire case. I was also very refreshed to find that Jeff is a very ethical person and just an all-around good human being. He truly cares about his clients and wants to make this as smooth a process as possible for you. He won’t just weigh the money involved but also how much stress it could cause. Life is about much more than just money, and Jeff has a very good grasp of that. He has the experience you’ll need to get through whatever issues you’re facing. I HIGHLY recommend Foster Law Offices, and will most definitely go to them for any law-related questions or issues I might have in the future.