At Foster Law Offices, we represent clients seeking representation in the acquisition, sale, leasing, loss mitigation, foreclosure, and litigation of real property.

Our clients consist of property owners, buyers, tenants, and all parties involved with, or affected by, a real estate transaction. Most of our cases involve commercial real estate matters, however we proudly represent select residential and commercial property owners facing foreclosure or a distressed sale.

In addition to his transaction and litigation experience as an attorney, Jeffrey Foster is also a licensed real estate broker and owner of commercial real estate firm, Navigation Real Estate, LLC. Since 2010, Navigation has represented property owners and buyers in over $100,000,000 of closed transactions.

Click below to read a brief overview of the various real estate legal services we handle in Hawaii:

Acquisition and Sale

Foster Law Offices represents clients in the sale, purchase, or leasing of commercial and select residential properties. From entity formation and financing to purchase and sale agreement negotiation to leasing to closing, Jeff represents clients in virtually all aspects of a real estate transaction.  As legal counsel, we draw on not only legal training but also real world brokerage experience.

In addition to being an attorney, Jeffrey Foster is also a licensed real estate broker and owner of Navigation Real Estate, LLC.  Both Mr. Foster and Navigation are licensed in Washington and Hawaii.  As the designated broker of Navigation Washington and the principal broker of Navigation Hawaii, Mr. Foster represents individuals and institutional clients in the acquisition and sale of real property, in the following types of transactions:

  • Apartment buildings
  • Multi-family Investment Properties
  • Land
  • Hotels
  • Industrial
  • Investment
  • Leasing
  • Residential

Depending on a client’s acquisition/sale strategy, Mr. Foster is available to serve as a lawyer or as a real estate broker.  In appropriate cases, clients can choose to retain Foster Law Offices on an hourly basis, or Navigation Real Estate on a commission basis.


Litigating a real property dispute can be equal parts expensive and uncertain. Whether a client is prosecuting or defending a lawsuit, formulating a comprehensive litigation strategy plays an integral role in a successful result for the client. Our litigation philosophy in real estate matters is to always see the forest through the trees. Getting caught in the trees can be an unproductive and expensive proposition.

Our real estate litigation practice is limited to the following types of cases (selected on a case-by-case basis):

  • Breach of contract – commercial property disputes
  • Rescission actions – for properties exceeding $1,000,000 in value
  • Specific Performance – commercial property disputes
  • Title Insurance Claims


Our foreclosure practice centers around the representation of individuals and institutions who are forced to make the difficult decision to discontinue payments on a mortgage loan obligation.  Factors such as negative equity, job loss or decreased income, divorce, or death can contribute to the unfortunate situation where a property owner must make a decision about her/his/its best option to dispose of the property.  Our foreclosure practice involves representation in the following types of situations:

  • Judicial Foreclosure
  • Foreclosure Mediation
  • Short Sale
  • Deed-in-lieu of foreclosure
  • Distressed Property Disposition/Purchase

Leasing and Landlord/Tenant

We represent commercial landlords and tenants in contract drafting/review, locating/marketing space, and negotiations.  We devise unique leasing strategies individually tailored to suit a client’s objective(s). For landlords and tenants seeking broker representation, please visit Navigation Real Estate.

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