Aloha everyone. My situation was a delicate one. When I first met Jeff, I was just out of my initial stay at a rehabilitation hospital and about three weeks after awakening from coma. Even with a significant brain injury, I was able to determine that my circumstance required an attorney. Like most people, I had no idea where to turn. I found myself thumbing through a telephone directory and found a listing for local attorneys that somehow, I felt I knew. I vaguely remembered seeing their sign along the roadside each day as I passed. So, I called them. After several days and multiple attempts, the only person I spoke with was a receptionist. None of the attorneys at this firm even took the time to speak with me directly. Finally, the receptionist informed me that she had been told by the attorneys that they felt that they had no reason to speak with me. That there would be nothing to be gained by taking any legal action. I was, and still am, dumbfounded. The following day, the random idea came to my mind to call the Hawai’i state bar association, seeking a referral. I had spoken with a couple of attorneys on O’ahu (that at least bothered to speak with me) and was considering hiring one of them who was already talking about flying to the Big Island to meet with me. Then the referral from the bar association came and Jeff responded immediately to my call. After speaking over the phone, we set up a time to meet the following day. That was nearly four years ago. Choosing Jeff Foster has turned out to be one if the best decisions I have ever made. Most legal matters ended about a year ago. There were several, as there were several parties involved that could be, and were, held accountable in one way or another. All ended with negotiated settlements and did not evolve into a trial. Of course, I cannot divulge the size of these settlements, however, I think I can comfortably state that they were substantial. None of this would have happened were I to have accepted what I had been told by lawyers who communicated through a receptionist. Personal injury law is a well-structured game of sorts. Jeff Foster plays it very well. He may not be a canoe surfer, as some attorneys tell use on their websites, but he is an accomplished attorney. Don’t hesitate. Get Jeff involved. You won’t ever second guess your decision.