Third Leilani resident filed lawsuit against insurance giant

International insurance giant, Lloyd’s of London, slapped with another lava insurance lawsuit.

A third Leilani Estates resident is suing the company after losing her home and charter school to lava.

“Truly had a beautiful home, big high ceilings, nice garden, my three cats,” Susie Osbourne, Leilani Estates home owner said.

Osbourne is still reeling after losing her house on Mohala Street to lava.

Big Island woman arrested on suspicion of killing 3 year old boy

Fabian Garett-Garcia died while in foster care last year and his parents says their suspicions of abuse went un-checked.

“The parents have been waiting a long time,” Jeffrey Foster, parent’s lawyer said.

The autopsy results arrived more than a year after Fabian Garett-Garcia died.

“We’re hopeful that the prosecutor’s office will be filing charges and we’ll be pursuing the prosecution aggressively and ensuring that the persons responsible the people responsible for Fabian’s death will be held accountable to the fullest extent under the law,” Foster said.

First lava lawsuit filed against insurer

The first lawsuit has been filed from a Big Island couple who lost their home during the on-going eruption.
They are upset over the response by their insurance company after filing a claim, and this may just be the start of more lawsuits to come.

Nearly 700 homes have been consumed by lava since the eruption began at the beginning of May.

For some residents, after having to flee their from their neighborhoods, and dealing with the sudden loss of their homes, they have had growing frustration when dealing with their insurers.

“These is a natural disaster in Hawaii of epic proportions, and we have Lloyd’s of London and other companies reaping the benefits of receiving premium payments but not doing anything for the folks affected by this horrible event,” said Big Island attorney Jeffrey Foster.