Toddler’s death last year in Waimea under investigation by prosecutor’s office

KAILUA-KONA — The parents of a 3-year-old toddler who died last year while in foster care are hopeful a 44-year-old Honokaa woman arrested for murder in connection with the boy’s death will be brought to justice.

“Today, our suspicions and worst fears were confirmed when we were told that our 3-year-old son, Fabian Garett-Garcia, was murdered,” says Fabian’s parents, Sherri-Ann Garett and Juben Garcia, in a statement via their attorney, Jeffrey Foster. “There are no words that can describe the way we feel today.

Third Lava Lawsuit Filed Against Lloyd’s of London

Another lava lawsuit has been filed against Lloyd’s of London, according to Hawai‘i Attorney Jeffrey Foster, who is representing Susie Osborne, the founder and director of the Big Island’s Kua o Ka Lā New Century Charter School.

She is taking on a network of affiliated agents, brokers and adjusters tied to Lloyd’s of London after the world’s largest insurer allegedly sold her a Lloyd’s certificate of home insurance, then illegally denied her coverage after her home burned to the ground, according to a new lawsuit filed by Foster Law Offices.

Third Leilani resident filed lawsuit against insurance giant

International insurance giant, Lloyd’s of London, slapped with another lava insurance lawsuit.

A third Leilani Estates resident is suing the company after losing her home and charter school to lava.

“Truly had a beautiful home, big high ceilings, nice garden, my three cats,” Susie Osbourne, Leilani Estates home owner said.

Osbourne is still reeling after losing her house on Mohala Street to lava.

Big Island woman arrested on suspicion of killing 3 year old boy

Fabian Garett-Garcia died while in foster care last year and his parents says their suspicions of abuse went un-checked.

“The parents have been waiting a long time,” Jeffrey Foster, parent’s lawyer said.

The autopsy results arrived more than a year after Fabian Garett-Garcia died.

“We’re hopeful that the prosecutor’s office will be filing charges and we’ll be pursuing the prosecution aggressively and ensuring that the persons responsible the people responsible for Fabian’s death will be held accountable to the fullest extent under the law,” Foster said.

Second Lava Lawsuit Filed Against Lloyd’s of London

The home in Leilani Estates remains standing.

It is not covered in Kīlauea’s lava and has not burned to the ground.

Although Lloyd’s of London confirmed in writing that this home was a “total loss,” the insurer denied another homeowner the benefits paid for with thousands of dollars in premium payments, according to Big Island Attorney Jeffrey Foster, who is spearheading the legal fight against the world’s largest insurer.

Insurer denies claim submitted by elderly couple displaced by lava

PUNA, BIG ISLAND (HawaiiNewsNow) – Lloyd’s of London, a national insurer, has officially denied a claim submitted by an elderly couple who is now living in a friend’s garage.

The denial came via fax just days after the Leilani Estates residents sued for failing to give them lava damages — despite paying $2,700 a year in premiums.

Philip and Lunel Haysmer’s home burned down in early May when lava first entered into the Puna subdivision. According to their suit, the insurer, a syndication group led by Lloyd’s of London, has failed to honor their damage claims.

Their lawyer, Jeffrey Foster, said the couple is among a dozen homeowners whose claims are being denied.

Lloyd’s of Lawsuits

HILO — An elderly couple who lost their Leilani Estates home due to the ongoing Kilauea eruption is taking their insurer to court for allegedly acting in bad faith.

Philip and Lanell Haysmer, who were insured through Lloyd’s of London, filed their insurance claim May 24 after their house on Luana Street was destroyed, apparently from a fire caused by the eruption.

‘Heartless’ Insurance Giant Denies Elderly Puna Couple’s Claim

Twenty-four hours after a lawsuit for deceptive practice was filed in Hilo against Lloyd’s of London, the insurance company dispatched a claim denial via fax from an adjuster in Little Rock, Arkansas.

“Lloyd’s of London broke the law by issuing insurance policies in Hawai‘i, where they were not licensed, and reaped millions of dollars in premiums from unsuspecting homeowners who have lost everything,” said Jeffrey Foster, an attorney representing Philip Haysmer…

Big Island couple who sued insurer for not covering lava damage could be first of many

PUNA, BIG ISLAND (HawaiiNewsNow) – A Big Island couple has sued their insurer for failing to pay for lava damage to their Leilani Estates home.

Philip and Lunel Haysmer’s home burned down in early May when lava first entered into the Puna subdivision. According to their suit, the insurer, a syndication group led by Lloyd’s of London, has failed to honor their damage claims.

Their lawyer said it’s the first of several lawsuits to be filed against the same company.

“Here were are, July 25, they have no money, they have no answers, they have nothing but a lot of delays,” attorney Jeffrey Foster said, in a conference call. “What these folks have been through is despicable and frankly reprehensible.”

Foster Law Firm Declares Lloyd’s London “Utterly Failed” Homeowners after Hawaii Volcano Eruption

HILO, Hawaii, July 25, 2018 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) — Nearly 800 homes in the Puna District on Hawaii Island have been destroyed by fire and other causes in the aftermath of the Kīlauea eruption. Dozens of Puna homeowners who lost their homes carried a homeowner’s policy with Lloyd’s of London who has failed to honor local homeowners’ certificates of insurance, according to a lawsuit filed in Hawaii’s Third Circuit State court today.

“As one of the few home insurance providers in the Puna area near the Kilauea Volcano, Lloyd’s of London, their underwriters, their agents, their adjusters, and affiliates have utterly failed to honor commitments and assist homeowners. Lloyd’s has failed to pay displaced homeowners even the basic living expenses promised in their policies in the aftermath of this terrible human tragedy,” said Jeffrey Foster, an attorney representing homeowners who have lost everything.